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Custom sliding bearing Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip fa

Postprzez slidebushing » 2018-07-05, 05:30

Smooth without oil bearing characteristics and advantages
Smooth without oil bearing characteristics and advantages are:
1, without oil or less oil is smooth, smooth is applicable to cannot go or it's hard to go places, but do not maintain or less maintenance when in use.
2,Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip, stress can be spread on the wide touch, the bearing capacity of composite bearing progress bearing ability.
3, wear-resisting performance is good, small friction coefficient, long use l e.
4, in the operation process of handling membrane, maintain the effect of grinding axis, no bite shaft surface.
Near 5, static friction coefficient, oil-free bearings can eliminate creep under low speed, and ensure the work precision machinery.
6,Customized sliding bearing teflon can make the mechanical cutting vibration and drop noise, avoid pollution and improve the working conditions.
7, thin-walled layout, light quality, can reduce the mechanical volume.
8, low hardness requirement, about the grinding axis of spherical plain bearing can be used without tempering treatment then drop the connection parts processing d ficulty.
Nine tails can be plating a variety of metal, steel, can be used in the corrosive medium.

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