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Which Astros starter would you pick to win a game now?

Postprzez coloriage » 2018-03-15, 09:08

With Dallas Keuchel taking the mound for the Astros' finale against the Rangers, he has a lot to prove in order to regain the trust of fans. The former Cy Young Award winner, presumptive ace and on-the-mend southpaw has a 10.50 ERA in three starts since returning from the disabled list https://www.diamondbacksstore.com/Randy_Johnson_White_Jersey-107. Much like his team, Keuchel had seemed guaranteed for a dominant season. But now, the Astros are without a clear ace in the rotation. Hunter Atkins (HunterAtkins35) in a Twitter poll of more than 800 users asked who would you pick to win a game right now? Astros fans who would you pick to win a game right now? Hunter Atkins (HunterAtkins35) August 11 https://www.diamondbacksstore.com/Nick_Ahmed_Whitecapri_Jersey-247, 2017 Twitter only allows four options for polls, but clearly, Brad Peacock should have been given his own line. With Keuchel lost, Lance McCullers Jr. hurt, Charlie Morton good but not great, Mike Fiers skidding and Collin McHugh faltering in his last outing, Peacock has maintained his stellar reputation among fans. In March, it had seemed improbable that fans would come to endorse Peacock, an injury-addled pitcher who had not won more than five games in any of his five previous seasons. When Peacock narrowly made the opening day roster, he was expected to be a long-reliever. Then manager A.J. Hinch inserted him into the rotation in May. Peacock has soared to 10-1 with a 3.07 ERA and 11.5 K 9 rate. Watching the Astros lose 12 of 16 games since July 26 has shaken up the pecking order and rattled the fanbase. Responses to the poll who would you pick to win a game right now? supported Peacock but also expressed pessimism. chillingpal replied "Next week? Peacock. In two months? Keuchel." GeneEgdorf wrote "their opponent?" The postseason is about six weeks away. That leaves time for the Astros to regroup or reorder the rotation.

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