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Slide bearing oilless bushing Oil sintered bushing Factory

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Bearing [Bearing, Bearing (" Bearing ", the Japanese say "axis") sliding Bearing is fixed in the process of mechanical transmission and reduce the load of the coefficient of friction parts. Also, while other parts to each other on the shaft of relative movement, used to reduce the friction coefficient in the process of power transfer and keep the shaft center position fixed parts.]According to the different bearing friction at work property can be divided into: sliding bearing and rolling bearing.
The use of shaft and Slide bearing oilless bushing with sliding motion and the load bearing called sliding bearing.According to the sliding bearing oil film formation on the surface of relative movement between two different principle.Can be divided into the hydrodynamic pressure lubrication bearing (also called dynamic pressure bearing) and hydrostatic bearing (also called static pressure bearing).General discussion of hydrodynamic pressure lubrication bearing, it through the shaft and bearing the relative movement between the oil into the surface, form enough pressure film, to separate two surface, thus under load.
Under the condition of fluid lubrication, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability.But starting frictional resistance is bigger.The bearing parts of the shaft are called journal, and shaft neck matching parts called bush.In order to improve the bearing surface of the friction properties and in them on the surface of cast anti-friction material layer is called the bearing bush.Bearing and bearing liner material collectively known as the sliding bearing material.The sliding bearing material with the commonly used Oil sintered bushing(also called babbit or white metal), wear resistant cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy material, plastic, rubber, hardwood and carbon - graphite, teflon (PTFE), modified polyformaldehyde (POM), etc.Sliding bearing applications generally under the condition of low speed and heavy loading conditions, or maintenance and charging of lubricating oil is difficult work.
Main fault sliding bearing
Sliding bearing on the job as a result of the journal and bearing contact will produce friction, surface cause fever, even "killed", so in the design of the bearing, should choose sliding bearing materials with good płeć of anti-friction bearings, suitable lubricant and adopt the suitable method to supply, improve the bearing structure for thick film lubrication, etc.
1, tile surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that non-ferrous metal element concentration anomaly;Spectrum appeared a lot of non-ferrous metal components of sub-micron wear particles;Lubricating oil excess moisture, acid value exceeds bid.
2, shaft neck surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, there are a lot of iron in iron spectrum of submicron particles, water or high acid value oil paint.
3, a shaft neck surface strain: iron spectrum have iron series cutting grinding grain or black oxide particles, metal surface heat tint.4, tile back micro wear: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, there are a lot of iron in iron spectrum wear submicron particles, lubricating oil moisture and acid value anomalies.
5, a bearing surface strain: iron spectrum found cutting abrasive, abrasive ingredients for non-ferrous metal.
6, tile surface spalling, finds many large size iron spectrum fatigue spalling alloy wear particles, the layered grits.
7, bearing tile burning: there are more iron spectrum by means of large size, alloy and black metal oxides.
8,Ball transfer unit: as the axis of the metal properties (hardness, poor concessions) wait for a reason, easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear and fretting wear condition.

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